There’s no one size fits all!

We understand what you need and we ensure that your product is developed from scratch, exactly the way you want it.


Websites that convert.

While having a great website is important for your business, choosing the right web stack is equally important. Having a great UI, providing great UX to the visitors, choosing the right web stack and making it SEO friendly is very important for your website to have a competitive edge and stand out among the rest in the crowded internet space.

At Tufado Solutions, before we get started on the design and development process, we understand your business first. Then, we help you choose the right web stack, design a great UI and then we start with the development process. We believe in designing and developing websites that convert and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Graphic Designing has changed drastically in the past few years and is expected to change a lot more in the years to come.

We at Tufado Tech ensure that we stay at the top of our game by ensuring that our designers constantly learn new tools and design techniques. Our keen eye and attention to details is something that helps us in delivering the best results. We strive for perfection and we love to create amazing designs.

Software applications are an important component for businesses today’s internet world.Targeting a huge pool of clients & customers is made easy with these web apps

At Tufado, we offer packages ranging from developing an app from scratch or revamping your app to suit your business needs. Eye catching design & intelligent UIs are two very essential components for getting better conversions and that’s exactly what we do. We develop intuitive apps to improve businesses in achieving their objectives faster.

Every website developed has a necessity to be found on the web. We understand that without SEO, a website is as good as not having one.

We at Tufado Tech do basic SEO for all websites we develop and if needed, we also provide SEO services for the long term. We help you to be found on the internet thereby helping you acquire more customers. We specialize in the entire bandwagon of SEO, on-page, off-page, technical and Local.

Mobile apps have drastically changed the way businesses are operated. There is a need for every business to adapt mobile apps as that’s where your competitors are.

We at Tufado Tech are a bunch of tech geeks with lots of experience in developing mobile apps be it Android or IOS. We also design and develop cross platform apps that are highly stable. Our testing process is something that’s highly sophisticated to ensure your apps are delivered free of bugs.

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We are creative thinkers

What we create is a work of art that is perfectly put in place to build a commercial product. We strive to create practical and user-oriented solutions that’s about pulling together what’s desirable from a customer, technologically feasible and economically viable.

We are more than developers

We understand what you need and we ensure that your product is developed exactly the way you want it. But, we do not stop there, while we strive to deliver your requirements we don’t take a step back in giving our suggestions thereby ensuring that you make the most of the product that we would develop.

We are

With an amazing product developed for you, we ensure that the products are highly stable. We use robust testing techniques that are intense to ensure that you have a product that’s ready to be launched.

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